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How Physiotherapy in Edmonton Can Help Those Who Play Sports

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Soccer player fell in pain with elbow injury

Athletes these days put themselves through rigorous training and push themselves harder to achieve their goals. Sports physiotherapy is a field of medicine that focuses on rehabilitating and preventing injuries in athletes who take part in sports. This therapy employs a variety of treatments to maintain peak performance and fitness.

Keep reading to learn more about the function of sports physiotherapy and the benefits of such procedures over standard pain medication.

What Is a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist?

Sports physiotherapists in Edmonton specialize in preventing and treating injuries that arise from participation in sports at all ages and skill levels. They offer recommendations on safe involvement in exercise and sports as well. They also encourage active lifestyles to help people maintain and improve their quality of life. Athletes of all ages and skill levels can level up their performance and benefit greatly from the assistance of sports and exercise physiotherapists.

Therapists that specialize in sports and exercise practice in a wide variety of settings. Many work with active recreational athletes in private practice or clinic settings. Moreover, they can participate in club-level and social sports sessions. They sometimes coordinate physiotherapy services, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and injury surveillance programs within various athletic organizations.

The best physiotherapists in Edmonton are professionals in their fields and well-versed in current theories and therapeutic options. Their years of expertise enable them to adapt each protocol and treatment method to your particular demands.

What Sports Injuries Can Physiotherapists Treat?

Physiotherapists can help treat many types of sports injuries, including but not limited to the following:

● Capsule sprains

● Knee Sprains

● Plantar fasciitis

● Patellofemoral Syndrome

● MCL, ACL, and PCL tears

● Medial and Lateral Ligament Dysfunction

● Meniscal/cartilage tears

● Wrist sprains

● Muscle tears

● Herniated discs

● Neck and back compressions

● Concussion and whiplash

● Hip compressions

● Shoulder dislocation

● Osgood Schlatters Disease

● Ankle sprains and ligament tears

The thorough evaluation carried out by Edmonton's sports physiotherapists enables them to comprehend your injury and helps create your ideal personalized treatment plan to best help your healing journey.

How Does Sports Physiotherapy in Edmonton Help?

Male tennis player is laying down resting on the court

A few treatment methods to ensure optimum fitness and treat injuries in sports physiotherapy are manual therapy, acupuncture, vestibular rehabilitation, dry needling, and concussion management. A sports physiotherapist in Edmonton can enhance an athlete's performance in the following ways:

1) Helps Improve Technique

Physiotherapists in Edmonton can assist you with your technique, whether you play soccer, football, or any other sport. A good technique can help you move more quickly, leap higher, and lift more weight while reducing the risk of injury. It might be challenging to assess your technique on your own because watching a film or even gazing in the mirror may not be able to reveal all possible improvements. You'd be surprised at how even the most minor modification in technique can significantly impact an athlete's performance.

2) Specific Training for You

Physiotherapists in Edmonton see you as a distinct individual with special qualities. They thoroughly evaluate your biomechanics, technique, strength, range of motion, coordination, balance, and reflexes. This enables them to pinpoint precisely how they can support you in realizing your full potential.

For instance, you or your coach might not be aware of your decreased ankle proprioception, which may affect your performance, but physiotherapists in Edmonton will be after they take you through their testing process during your first appointment. They will then give you a set of activities to work on your proprioception. The outcome? Improved performance, a lower risk of injury, and content athletes and coaches.

3) Injury Prevention

A sports physiotherapist is equipped to evaluate and assess the particular sport you're participating in and the frequency, intensity, and setting of your training sessions. This aids in identifying different injury risks. Based on the evaluation results, they can give you workouts to reduce those risks and avert injuries. This includes a personalized warm-up exercise program to help you prepare for the session and a cool-down exercise program to aid your body's recovery.

4) Rehabilitation

The phrase "rehab" is not popular among athletes and sports fans, but clients like their rehab and emerge stronger from it. This is because sports physiotherapists in Edmonton thoroughly evaluate their clients' injuries and any other potential contributing factors.

They can then devise a structured rehabilitation program that concentrates on healing your injury and preserving your fitness to the greatest extent feasible and treating any movement flaws that might have caused your injury (strength, balance, stabilization, proprioception).

They employ various methods, including myofascial release, soft tissue release, joint manipulations, dry needling, and many others, to achieve this.

5) Return to Play and Maintenance

Your readiness for a return to play is evaluated as a key component of the rehabilitation program. Physiotherapists do tests to see whether you are fit enough to participate again on the field, in the pool, or at the gym. They assess your strength, technique, balance, proprioception, cutting ability, speed, and any other skills you would need to get back out there.

6) On-Site Treatment

Athletes often have sports physiotherapists in Edmonton present during games, competitions, and training sessions since they are trained to diagnose and treat acute injuries. This guarantees that the therapists will be able to provide guidance and injury management from the moment an injury arises during a practice session or tournament. Acute on-site therapy is critical because how you respond to the injury in the crucial moments after it occurs will either impede your healing or aid your recovery in the long term.

7) Facilitate Body Relaxation

For others, it can be challenging to unwind and rest after challenging workouts, practices, or games. You could go a little past your comfort zone since you're motivated to keep going. If this sounds like your problem and is causing further injuries, consider seeing a sports physiotherapist as your body's stretch aid and healer. Your body can recuperate the energy it needs for the next day with the aid of sports treatment.

8) Increased Flexibility of the Muscles and Joints

Whichever activity you’re involved with will depend on what degree of flexibility you need to achieve. Whether your objective is to become fitter and healthier or to prepare for an elite championship tournament, a sports therapist can help you improve your flexibility.

We at Reach, a Edmonton and area physiotherapy clinic, strive to identify the root cause of your problem and provide you with the best care available. We gathered Edmonton’s best occupational and physical therapists to build your winning team. Get in touch with us today by filling out our online form or calling us at (587) 635-5258.

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